I've had 2 custom canvases done for my boat by Village Canvas. Both fit wonderfully and have performed very well. While the canvas was there, the Village folks also repaired this rip, without being asked, and didn't charge me for it. In response they said, "We couldn't stand having it look that way." Great work and great customer service. -Anonymous

My recomendation would be Village Cavas over in Meredith....They are off of 104 by where Jackson Star use to be. They made Canvas for an old boat we had that was unbelievable....and since then I have had them do small repairs on the canvas for my new boat. They are generally quick and reasonable. -Anonymous

Bev at Village Canvas created a custom cover for our barge this season. Great quality work, give him a call.-Anonymous

I started going over there when Bev Sr. ran the place, now his son Bev does (or at least did last time I was over there about 2 years ago). I dashed in there for a small/quick job one time and they did it on the spot and wouldn't even take payment for it (wasn't any kind of warranty job, either). I left $20 on his desk when Bev's back was turned and left.. I don't think they even knew my name. that says a lot about their character. -Anonymous

I too used Village Canvas. Bev made a special camper canvas for my 30' Wellcraaft. I am 6' tall and like to stand up while driving my boat. So I asked him to make me one that would not be in my line of sight while at the helm. He did a great job and the canvas still looks great 3 years later. -Anonymous

My Village Canvas, vintage 1993, custom made, Sunbrella boat cover is still hard at work, protecting my boat, with the help of a semi-annual, roll-on application of Thompson's waterproofing.-Anonymous

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